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  1. I was not sure where to post this comment. This seems like the right place but this thread was posted so long ago.
    It looks like this is the first post using Mechanica. What was your first impression of Mechanica compared to TradingBlox? What was the differences that you noticed in the platform? This may be a little difficult since you only used TradingBlox for a week. I am trying to figure out which to purchase and it is hard to find people that have experience with both. Any information is greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi Juston,
    I got Mechanica (M) a year ago. The features are great at first use as the graphic user interface (GUI) was designed in a way so that you had focus on each part of system design separately (ie entry, exit, sizing, etc). In system design, it is also very important to debug to check for calculation errors and M has a spread sheet like structure that displays all the variable calculations. Back then, M proved to be a very welcoming platform as its language was easy to use for non-programmers like me.

    On the other hand, I got Trading Blox Builder (TBB) in February this year and have been using it ever since. TBB is more sophisticated in its entire structure. The sophisticated structure also brings into it a better and easier implementation of a lot of different strategies rather than just trend following alone. In my opinion, there is a steeper learning curve for TBB in terms of the programming but after the learning curve, you are able to do things a lot faster and in less lines of code than in M. It is also lightning fast in optimization.

    All in all, I think it really depends on what you are looking to go with your trading. But I must say that the owner of M is really nice and helpful. When I started out in system research, he was always there to provide insight and advice.

    I humbly hope my response was helpful and truly hope you will be happy with which ever you choose. If you have any other questions I am always there.


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