Sorry for not posting for so long! I was knee deep in exams and worrying about college sided of things.

In my current stage of system development I have been reading up on more money management books and trying to improve the techniques implemented in my current TF system. Other ideas I have been playing around with is creating a mean reversion system and  a countertrend system. Ideas are hard to come by as there arent much materials for this subject published. Of those that are useful, the materials only superficially touch upon it which is not what I need. In 3 weeks I again be finishing up my final exams and taking up a summer course. I hope that by then I will have more time to post more.

I also have been following the japan crisis. What has happened in japan is terrible and I hope that the people around the world can come together and lend a helping hand by donating money to various NGOs that are currently providing aid to the citizens of Japan. You have my heart..



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