Some Shiny Stuff

At the beginning of the summer I knew Shiny was going to be an indispensable tool for my work to connect with my readers. For those of you who don’t yet know what Shiny is, it is a web application package developed by RStudio. It integrates flawlessly with R and has been nothing but excitement playing with it.

In terms of difficultly, Shiny differs in its structure. While it may be intimidating initially to R veterans, I urge you to be patient with it. I learned it by examples, and Systematic Investors’ Michael Kapler has got numerous posts on how the basic framework come together (here).

I thought I’d share my own Market Dashboard. To access the dashboard, simply go to the follow link.

The Market Dashboard is divided into 3 Tabs. The first tab is called “Main.” This tab is entirely created for single-asset and cross asset comparisons. The charts in the entire application are interactive. This is useful when you want to rank assets based on the table at the bottom of the page. I created 6 charts (no reason for any one, just came to mind). These include:

  • normalized Equity prices given lookback
  • 12 Month Performance
  • Annualized CAGR
  • Percent Volatility Rank
  • Financial Turbulence Index
  • Efficiency Ratio
  • Table of Statistics (Can be ranked when you click on the title)


On the second tab, I created a broad based Asset Analytics tab. This tab aims to put all asset classes (ETF as proxy) together in coherent fashion for easy digestion. There are three main sections. First section is all asset comparison (a) (this is my attempt to replicate this: here 😉 ), second is individual asset class comparison (b), and lastly is a cluster chart comparison (Varadi & Kapler).





Last tab is called the “Macro Analytics” Tab. Here I aim to bring together US macro fundamentals in to a single page. Fundamentals include:

  • Real GDP
  • Inflation
  • Yield Curve
  • Inflation Expectation
  • Industrial Production

Untitled4 Untitled5 Untitled6

This app is something I just pulled together real quick. There will be design issues but I just wanted to get the idea across: Shiny can be very powerful! Hope you guys will have fun with this and find it useful.

Thanks for reading,


Note: The application is highly un-optimized (slow). It downloads all data over the internet (Yahoo and Quandl). This is entirely for educational purposes. Please do not make financial decisions based on the applications output. I do not guarantee the correctness of the code.


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